I love this opportunity and plan. As a Insurance Broker I knew this was for me given 2 situations. #1 my son with #GBS is uninsurable and obtaining a low whole life policy was not the answer. I needed to start a retirement plan with still the void for this type of expense. I found this plan where not only is my son covered, my family is covered with uncle and aunts with no coverage. #2 was I had a client that lost 3 family members back to back. She was on disability with a drug history and low income. For agents, we call that chargeback central. I couldn’t accept her for insurance because she couldn’t afford it. But this opportunity came up, 1 responsible child stepped up to cover her and the other members and now they are prepared. Reality does not hide, but opportunities do exists and this I have proof that it works. I became a consultant as well because I believe and signed up 10 minutes til midnight and have touched over 50 people since that moment all the way to Columbia.

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