Unfortunately, my older sister passed away 2 months ago. We had the plan for over 18 months along with a life insurance policy for her. The night she passed away, I made a call to the emergency number provided. That was the only call I had to make to get things in motion. The gentleman was kind and reassuring. The following day, I made a follow-up call, and again, the lady I spoke with was equally kind and told me they would take care of everything after I provided our funeral director’s name. That was it. No more calls. My sister got a nice coffin, the funeral director did a great job, and we didn’t have to pay a cent for all of this. The only things we paid for were the cemetery plot and flowers. You rarely find this level of assistance from companies that have to pay out money. In fact, they acted much more promptly than the life insurance company. I am leaving this review because I am grateful for the way they handled our case. I can only hope that others have the same experience. The death of a family member is a very tough time for everyone.

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